With over 30 years of personal lacrosse experience as a player and coach, and a family pedigree with even greater resonance, Brandon Sanderson offers tactics and insights into the game that are unparalleled.



Combined with gold standard certifications & degrees in Kinesiology, Teachers Education and Strength and Conditioning, Chet Koneczny provides the perfect introspection for an all-encompassing
(sport specific) view on the sport of lacrosse.



Offering the most current evidence-based protocols and technologies across multiple disciplines, our camps bring together the games brightest young stars from the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and have multiple venues established across Canada.

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By far the most comprehensive box lacrosse resource I've ever seen for players, coaches, students, teachers or any lax fanatix for that matter. Laxlife has managed the feat of breaking down the complexities of the game like never before using understandable language, diagrams & videos. Jim Veltman (NLL Hall Of Famer)