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4. Goaltending Shooting & Basics

Equipment Needed: Lacrosse Box, Balls, Nets, Sticks, Helmets & Gloves, 2 Goalies (Full Equipment)




  1. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    - Circle at Centre-Floor
    - Re-Hash (2 min): Skills Learned In Previous 3 Practices (Questions?)
    - What Did They Like About The Game?
    - Discussion ( 1 min): Opportunity In Lacrosse

  2. Goaltending Drill #1: Goalie "Stance" & "Rebound Control"

    Variation #1: "Corner Specific" (1 Shooter).
    - Make sure to hit the goalie in the chest or leg pads on the first couple of shots (also consider using tennis balls with a beginner goalie).
    - Shoot on the goalie from different angles around the perimeter. - In this drill the coach tells the goalie which corner they will be shooting at (5-10 shots per corner) prior to starting the drill and when switching between chosen corners (emphasize good goaltending technique).
    *Run this drill simultaneous to drill #3 & #4

  3. Stickwork Drill #1: Passing Against The Boards "Wall Ball"

    Variation #1B: "Normal Pass" (Dynamic)
    - Demo (1 min): Triple Threat Position, Release Point, Follow Through (See Passing/Shooting & Catching Skills Analysis)
    - Spread players out as evenly as possible across the floor space, with players starting 10 metres away from the boards (or a wall), picking a spot to aim for, getting comfortable with the release point of the stick.
    - With feet "stationary," pass against a spot on the side-boards/glass at approximately eye level; corral the rebounding ball.
    *Run this drill simultaneous to drill #2 while another coach warms up the goalies

  4. Warm-Up Drill #3: Board Shuttles

    Variation #3 (6 min): "In The Air."
    - Have players line up in groups of 4 or 5, facing the side-boards (or a wall); standing approximately 7-8 metres away. This drill can actually be done with as few as 2 players.
    - The first player in line starts with a ball. This player runs a few steps forward and "passes" the ball high against the boards, such that the player behind them is able to catch it in the air, so the ball is able to be caught in the air by the next player in line (ideally toward their "strong hand").
    *Run this drill simultaneous to drill #2 (after Drill #3)

  5. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    Dynamic Warm-Up:
    - Try to find volunteers to demonstrate Stationary Dynamic Stretches that they remember
    - Water Break = 2 min

  6. Warm-Up Drill #5: Semi-Circle ("Horseshoe") Shooting

    Variation #2: "L to R/R to L" (Outside & Inside).
    - Demo (1 miin): "Eyes of the Stick"
    - Arrange players, in both ends of the floor, into an arc (semi-circle) formation; starting 5 metres back from the crease.
    - Younger players can start a little bit closer to the net.
    - Have players take turns shooting, working their way from one side to the other, with one second in-between shots (start on the opposite side the next time through the drill).
    - Each time through the drill have players move a little farther away from the net, until 15 metres back.
    - Lastly bring players “in tight,” two metres from the crease (4 times total).
    *top diagram*

  7. Stickwork Drill #4: Partner Passing On-The-Run

    *Variation #1A & #1B: "Progressive Build Up" (Staggered/Normal)
    *similar to diagram*
    - Demo (1 min): Lead Passing
    - Start with two parallel lines at the top of one of the creases, with players on their wrong floor sides, having them switch to their proper floor sides the next time through the drill.
    - Players can start with balls, or the drill can also start with a pass from the goalie (switch halfway), depending on player skill level.
    - Have players start “in two’s,” at a starting distance of approximately 3-5 metres (depending on age).
    - Progressively increase the starting distance of the players apart, having them at first running the length of the floor and taking shots from their proper floor side (criss-crossing near the prime scoring area where required).
    - The most basic form of this drill ("staggered") is when just the receiver runs forward with a "head on a swivel," while the passer uses basic footwork (staying relatively stationary) to deliver the pass (Variation #1A). The receiver will either need to open their hips to receive the pass, or catch it cross-body.
    - Advance to players running alongside each other, start slow, around 50{e88446de7885fd078f097799d9254c85d3826cad283621752160918e689d54ae} of maximum speed, with players on their wrong-floor-side, advancing to full speed during the latter reps through the drill (Variation #1B). Next have players do the speed build up with players on their proper floor side (Variation #1C).
    - No side-shuffling is allowed for this drill (unless specifically requested by the coach) and players should always be running straight forward.
    - For timing purposes, coaches should send the next pairing when the players ahead are at the nearest rag-line.
    *Most common error = Throwing the ball too hard when their partner is relatively close (“soften up”)

  8. Warm-Up Drill #6: "Snake" Shooting

    Variation #1 & #2: "High & Low Variations" (On-Ball)
    - Begin in one end of the floor, with lines of lefts and rights on their proper floor side.
    - The first player in one of the lines leads a group toward the net, either lefts or rights, with one group going then the other. The next player in line goes after the player in front is approximately 5 metres (1-2 seconds) ahead. Another option is to send 1 player at a time; alternating sides each rep.
    - Make sure players hit the goalie in the chest or leg pads on the first couple of shots (see goalie warm-up). After that, players can work on their accuracy, shooting "around the pipes" and picking corners.
    - Variation #1: "High Variations."
    *top diagram*
    - Start with lines of players near where the rag line meets the inside lane (Variation #1A), or in the outside lane wide of the shooter position (Variation #1B).
    - In Variation #1A, shots should be taken on-the-run while moving from north-south in orientation.
    - In Variation #1B, shots should be taken "on the run" while “sweeping” east-west in orientation.
    - Each group should go twice from each of these 2 spots, which allows for two goalies to get shots from each area.
    - Assistant coaches should collect balls to help “reload” the players after each time through the drill.
    *Variation #2: "Low Variations."
    *bottom diagram*
    - Same as above except start with lines at the mid-boards (Variation #2A) or at/near where GLE meets the side-boards (Variation #2B).
    - In Variation #2A, players should sweep east-west through the middle and take a shot-on-the-run, and in Variation #2B players "crease walk" east-west across the front of the net.
    - Coaches can place a stick on the floor as a marker if players are shooting from their wrong floor side ("crossing the imaginary line").
    - Water Break = 2 min

  9. Goaltending Drill #3A: Breakaway Competition

    Variation #2A: "Team Competition."
    - Demo (1 min): "Banana Curl"
    - Have players line up in two teams, at centre-floor, with one team lined up facing the goalie at one end, and the other team facing the opposite end.
    - Teams are usually divided up as either lefty’s versus righty’s (if numbers are even)
    - Each team sends one player at a time on a breakaway on the goaltender.
    - Beginner & intermediate players should be encouraged to run at full speed, taking a “banana curl” towards the net, thus, staying on proper floor side and getting best angle possible.
    - If one team scores and not the other at any time during the competition, the team that doesn't score must run from “side-boards to side-boards” before the next two players get to go.
    - Once everyone has shot on both teams, the losing team has to then sprint the length of the floor and back (keep track of total goals by each team).

  10. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    Static Stretches:
    - Circle at Centre-Floor
    - How many players did static stretches after last practice?
    - Coach Implements Leg Routine - Distributes Upper Body Routine

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