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5. Basic Shooting Progressions

- Equipment Needed: Lacrosse Box, Balls, Pylons, Nets, Full Equipment

- This plan can also be dedicated to shooting on the run instead of set-shooting




  1. Stickwork Drill #1: Passing Against The Boards "Wall Ball"

    Variation #2A (2 min): "High Pass" (Hips Square).
    *not shown in diagram*
    - Spread players out as evenly as possible across the floor space.
    - Start players 2 metres away from the boards; pick a spot high (on the glass or arena wall) and try to catch the ball directly (track success rate).
    - Keep hips square and work on "soft hands"
    - Variation #4 (3 min): "Set-Shooting" (Overhand).
    - Starting 15 metres away from the boards, try shooting the ball at “the wall” with progressively more power.
    *This drill runs simultaneous to drill #3

  2. Stickwork Drill #2: "Partner Passing"

    Variation #1D: "Catch & Shoot" (Bare Hand Pass)
    *not shown in diagram*
    - Start with players in two rows, 3-5 metres apart. With one ball between the partners, the player with the ball underhand passes it with their bare hand to the other partner who tries to partner then tries to seamlessly catch and shoot the ball all in one motion, against the boards.
    Each player should get at least 10 quality attempts to catch the ball in this fashion, with more experience players allowed to pass the ball with their stick instead of their hands.
    *This drill runs simultaneous to drill #3

  3. Goaltending Drill #2: Goalie "W" Footwork

    Variation #1: "Footwork Only" (No Shots).
    *similar to top diagram*
    - The goalie is instructed to move through the 5 standard angles, re-positioning back to the goal-line and feeling for posts in between each angle.
    - Start slowly and advance to performing the drill as quickly as possible.
    The goalie can be told to go left to right/right to left (Variation #1A), or alternating from side to side (Variation #1B).
    - Variation #3: "Mix In Shots:"
    - Regardless of whether the coach shoots, the goalie continues to move through the "W," with the coach shooting at their leisure.
    - Most common error = Goalie not staying balanced and in an athletic position.
    *This drill runs simultaneous to drill #1 & #2

  4. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    Dynamic Warm Up:
    - Coach leads the group - emphasize the importance of the stretch order
    - Circle-up at centre-floor and briefly discuss the theme of the practice

  5. Warm-Up Drill #5: Semi-Circle ("Horseshoe") Shooting

    Variation #3A & #3B: "Side-to-Side" (Outside In/Inside-Out)
    *similar to top diagram*
    - Arrange players, in both ends of the floor, into an arc (semi-circle) formation; starting 10 metres back from the crease.
    - Younger players can start a little bit closer to the net than intermediate & advanced players.
    - Side-to-Side shooting is switching from a left-handed to a right-handed shooter on each shot, which helps goalies work on their lateral movement.
    - Shooters advance from the outside-in (Variation #3A), or to the inside-out (Variation #3B).
    - Water Break = 2 min

  6. Stickwork Drill #5A: "Step" & Shoot

    *Variation #1 (5 min): "L-Shot."
    *top diagram*
    - Begin with a line of left-handed and a line of right-handed players on their proper floor sides, at the shooter positions, in one or both ends of the floor; both lines with balls.
    - Use pylons to mark out footwork patterns where necessary (vary the distances).
    - The first player in either line takes a jab-step toward the board-side, planting off of their outside leg and cutting toward the middle (2-3 steps max), "setting" their feet ("perpendicular" to the net) for an outside shot.
    - The opposite line then takes a turn, alternating back and forth, giving the goalie 1-2 seconds in between reps to re-set.
    - *Variation #2 (5 min): "Drag Shot."
    *bottom diagram*
    - The first player in either line takes a a jab-step to the top-side planting off of their inside leg and pivoting into a back-pedal ("drag") toward the "board-side." At this point the player should re-establish their momentum towards the net (north-south) and taking a shot while still in the prime scoring area.

  7. Stickwork Drill #5B: "Carousel" & Shoot

    Variation #1: "Carry High & Shoot."
    *top diagram*
    - Demo (1 min): Body Momentum, Quick Release
    - Arrange players in one or both ends of the floor depending on numbers. Have them stationed on their proper floor sides, at the crease position on both sides of the floor. - Other players set to go in this drill should in the corners.
    - The first player on one side of the floor carries the ball from low to high, from the crease position up to the shooter position, and then steps into a set-shot.
    - For beginners, pylons may be used for players to curl around, being sure that they have their "head up" looking at the middle while "carrying high."

  8. Stickwork Drill #6A: Catch & Shoot

    Variation #2A: "Shooter to Shooter Pass" (Balls On One Side).
    - Begin with a line of left-handed and a line of right-handed players on their proper floor sides at the shooter positions.
    - The first player in the line with no balls and all other subsequent players in that line should be ready to receive a pass, from shooter-to-shooter.
    - This player attempts to quickly and efficiently "catch & shoot" the ball.
    - It may be necessary to have coaches pass instead of the players (coaches standing at the point position)
    - Otherwise, coaches should be ready with balls, giving players a second attempt at a catch if they miss the first pass.

  9. Cardio Drill #4: Stops & Starts

    Variation #1: "4 Groups (Forward, Backward, Side-Shuffle & Tracking)
    - Start with 4 groups of even numbers (one group can have an odd number, if required), lined up east-west in orientation, half way between the end-line and the rag line (using pylons for markers where necessary), in both ends of the floor. - Give each group a number between 1-4.
    - On the whistle, all of the players in group number one run up and touch the rag line and back to the starting position. On the next whistle group two take their turn on so on and so forth, until it's group number ones turn to go again.
    - Coaches should mix up the number of sprints in a row that each group does (generally between 1-4) and the style of sprint demanded of the players (mix between running forward, backward, side-shuffling and tracking).
    - Goalies in full equipment may be permitted to do less reps than then players (half the amount).

  10. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    - Huddle up at the end (in a circle), ask the players to come up with an appropriate word, as a team, for a team cheer
    - Have players try to recall the leg stretches from the previous practice (in the dressing room)

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